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A International Month Of Peace Action 19 March-15 April 2005


How To Participate

Some Possible Actions

JNV and Voices in the Wilderness US hope that there will be a coordinated event during the month of action, perhaps in London and New York. However, the emphasis of the month of action is decentralized, built up out of local and regional events.


Different groups will choose different themes and different forms of action. It may be effective, however, if there are some events which are universal.


It may be useful, then, to suggest that each participating group could agree to hold at least one of the following events during the month, whether or not they organise or participate in another activity.


A) Stall (there will be 'Counter Terror: Build Justice' leaflets, posters and other materials available for the Month of Peace Action; and/or
B) Die-in (there will be a briefing setting out some suggestions for carrying out an effective die-in); and/or
C) Public Meeting/Debate about the 'war on terror' (there will be a speakers list, and a set of videos which can be bought or borrowed)


It would be very helpful for us in compiling a list of activities, if your group decides to sign the statement, and to sponsor 'Counter Terror: Build Justice', if at the same time you could also commit yourself to at least one of these minimum activities, and to choose a target date on which you will carry it out.


Sign up!

If you support the statement, please let us know. We would be grateful if you could email the following details to us at

Organisation (if applicable)
Phone Number




If you are a group, we would be grateful if you could work through the following checklist:


A) Agree to sign the Statement.


B) Agree to sponsor 'Counter Terror: Build Justice 2005'.


C) Agree to carry out one of the minimum activities.


D) Choose the activity and decide a date for that activity (as soon as possible, if not at the same meeting).


E) Consider making a donation. You can donate via WorldPay at this site. If you are making a donation by post, please send a sterling cheque to 'JNV', 29 Gensing Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, Britain TN38 0HE. Every donation, however large or small, is much appreciated.


F) Inform us as soon as you've signed up to the Statement, and when you've decided on an activity (via info(a)j-n-v.org or 0845 458 9572) with full contact details for your group.


G) Circulate the Statement and suggested activities to anti-war, human rights, environmental, anti-globalization and other protest groups in your area, and ask them to (a) pass a resolution in support of 'Counter Terror: Build Justice', and (b) sign up to the Statement, either as a group, or as individuals.


H) Circulate the Statement to trade unions, women's organisations, churches, mosques and other faith communities, student organisations, and other civil society groups in the area, and ask them to (a) pass a resolution in support of 'Counter Terror: Build Justice', and (b) sign up to the Statement, either as a group, or as individuals.


Many thanks for your support,

Maya Evans
Milan Rai

0845 458 9571 (UK phone and fax)
07980 748 555 (mobile)
+44 1424 428 792 (international phone and fax)
Email us at <info(a)j-n-v.org>


To read more about Counter Terror, Build Justice please return to the main page.

This page last updated 12 November 2004