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A International Month Of Peace Action 19 March-15 April 2005


An Invitation To Join A Transatlantic Protest: Justice Not Vengeance and grassroots anti-war groups from the US and UK would like to invite you to be part of an international month of peace action in the spring of 2005. Please see here for an explanation of what the month of peace is about, a statement that we invite you to sign (a short version is at the bottom of this page), and a menu of actions you may wish to organise during the international month of action.


The list so far includes


Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp (UK), Anathoth Community Farm, Luck, Wisconsin (US), Bangor and Ynys Mon Peace and Justice (UK), Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation (UK), Birmingham University Against the War (UK), Centre for Economic and Social Rights (US), Children Against War (UK), Edinburgh People and Planet (UK), Exeter CND (UK), Green Party (UK), GreenNet (UK), Hands Up for Peace (UK), House of Grace Catholic Worker (US), Hull University Student Peace Alliance (UK), Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK), Justice Not Vengeance (UK), Lancaster & District Coalition Against the War (UK), Lewes and District CND (UK), Matlock and District Stop the War (UK), Midwest Pacifist Center (US), Morpeth Peace Group (UK), Nashville Greenlands (US), Networking Newsletter, Manchester (UK), Northern Arts Tactical Offensive (UK), Nottingham Student Peace Movement (UK), Oxford Network for Global Justice and Peace (UK), Pax Christi (UK), Peace Action Durham (UK), Peace Moves Coalition (Cornwall, UK), Penzance CND (UK), People Against Global Imperialism (UK), Raging Grannies Exmouth (UK), Scarborough Coalition against War and Globalisation (UK), Testimony in Action Committee (Quakers in Wirral and Chester, UK), Texans for Peace (US), Traprock Peace Center (US), United States Pacifist Party (US), Voices in the Wilderness (US), Voices in the Wilderness (UK), Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, Chicago (US), Women in Black (London, UK), York Students Against War (UK)

Individuals (in a personal capacity)

Michael Albert (ZNet, US), Justin Alexander (Jubilee Iraq, UK), Genny Bove (Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum, UK), Noam Chomsky (US), Chris Cole (director, Fellowship of Reconciliation England, UK), John Dear, SJ (US), Jean Dreze, economist (India), Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Detroit (US), G. Simon Harak, SJ (War Resisters League, US), Eric Herring (Network of Activist Scholars of Politics and International Relations, UK), Kathy Kelly (US), Bruce Kent (Movement for the Abolition of War, UK), Caroline Lucas (Member of the European Parliament, Green Party, UK), Brad Lyttle (US), Mairead Corrigan Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Ireland), Kamil Mahdi (Iraqi economist, Exeter University, UK), Karl Meyer (US), George Monbiot (UK), Toby Olditch (B52 Two, UK), John Pilger (UK), Glen Rangwala (Department of Politics, University of Cambridge, UK), Caroline Simpson (Friends of Darfur, Peaceworkers UK, individual capacity, UK), Haifa Zangana (Iraqi author, UK), Howard Zinn (US)

If your group would like to joint this list, please let us know your details.


‘Counter Terror: Build Justice’ - The Short Statement


• In the face of global terrorism, we seek peace, human rights, and justice, not war. We condemn the illegal, immoral and counter-productive invasion of Iraq. We commit ourselves to nonviolent preparations to prevent another such war.

• We believe that terrorism can only be overcome by resolving the legitimate grievances which terrorism springs from. In particular, we must secure justice for the people of Palestine.


• We believe that one root cause of international terrorism is world poverty. The campaign against unfair trade and investment rules which would increase world poverty is an anti-terrorist campaign.


• We believe that all weapons of mass destruction must be abolished. We believe that every country capable of producing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, including Britain and the United States, must disarm and obey the same rigorous inspection procedures. We commit ourselves to nonviolent preparations to prevent weapons of mass destruction being developed, deployed or used by our own Governments.


• In the event of a major terrorist attack against our country, we commit ourselves to supporting victims and their relatives; defending the rights of those threatened by a vengeful backlash – particularly Muslims and Arab people in our communities; and nonviolently resisting any military response by our Government.


We support ‘Counter Terror: Build Justice’, an international month of action for peace, development, disarmament and justice, in the spring of 2005, and we commit ourselves to organising or participating in at least one event.


To see the full version of the statement, please read more here.

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