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Justice Not Vengeance:
A New Network
(5 July 2003)

Justice Not Vengeance (JNV) is a new
initiative from two co-founders of ARROW, David Polden and Milan Rai. The aim of JNV is to create a network of anti-war groups of all denominations, to help them to communicate directly with one another, share ideas, information and campaigning materials and to foster democratic decision-making in the development of local and national campaigning strategies. Now is the time to consolidate, re-build and strengthen our groups. See more and sign up to the Network.
The next monthly meeting will take place on Thursday 4th September.
There will be a Northern launch meeting of the Network at 7pm, Wed 20th Aug in Leeds. The JNV Network are organising a Grassroots Anti-War Conference on 26th-28th September in London. see more on Network events.

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Sanctions, and vigil, finally end
After 12 years of economic sanctions on Iraq they were scrapped by the UN Security Council in May 2003. The sanctions caused inestimable suffering for the people of Iraq, and the deaths of many hunderds of thousands of people, particularly children. They have only now been removed in order to serve the interests of the occupying forces.

The ARROW anti-sanctions vigil has been held every Monday outside the Foreign Office since 1990. With the ending of sanctions, the vigil has also finished. Well done to all those who kept it going.

At the memorial to all those who suffered under 13 years of sanctions, 6 August 03.

Anti-war court cases - Northwood HQ - 17/06/03, RAF Fairford - 20/06/03.
Prisoners for Peace
B52-Two is an inspiring video showing Toby and Phil talking about why and how they planned their action is now available from the B52 Two Support Group. more info on all those on trial for peace actions.
new briefing
Blair And Bush Lose ‘Trust’
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updated 13 August 2003

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from Milan Rai, author of the ARROW Anti-War Briefings and WAR PLAN IRAQ

Why The War Was Wrong

Order Now For A Special Activist’s Discount

This is a magnificent exposé of the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq.’
John Pilger

‘As the controversy over the war and its aftermath deepens, this is an immediate, detailed and illuminating analysis that brings together a remarkable range of material. Milan Rai does us all a service by providing so much of the evidence that is fuelling that controversy.’
Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University

Building on the success of his previous book WAR PLAN IRAQ, anti-war activist Milan Rai has charged up new and disturbing facts that the warmongers would rather we forgot about. 95 per cent new material, REGIME UNCHANGED is an angry battery of arguments for preventing the re-writing of history.

The first half of REGIME UNCHANGED documents step-by-step the way in which Washington undermined and finally shut down the UN weapons inspectors’ efforts to disarm Iraq peacefully, just as they were on the brink of a new and decisive phase of inspections. It sets out in full for the first time the mystery of the Most Censored Document of 2003: the UNMOVIC Draft Work Programme, launched and torpedoed on the day President Bush issued his ultimatum to Saddam Hussein.

The second half of the book presents damning evidence that leading members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba‘athist regime were deliberately restored to power in Iraq in the first month after ‘liberation’. A pattern familiar from US and UK policy in liberated territories after the Second World War (documented in REGIME UNCHANGED): denigration and demobilization of the resistance movements and restoration of collaborators and leaders of fascist regimes.

REGIME UNCHANGED demonstrates unequivocally that this was a war based on lies. This was not a war for disarmament or for ‘regime change’, but for power.

A furious book packed with facts, REGIME UNCHANGED is THE anti-war book of 2003.

Don’t read it. USE IT. More details and to order

ARROW badge - 20p each for bulk orders.

The protests we all make happen

the occupation of Iraq
For analysis of the US/UK occupation, and actions, see Voices UK

Reports direct from Iraq
Read up-to-date accounts on Electronic Iraq and Occupation Watch; new Iraq Indymedia website established 13 May 2003.

At the military bases
Peacewatch at 'RAF' Fairford
Reclaim the Bases
see here for other groups doing actions at military bases

Parliament Sq Peace Protest
Brian Haw has been protesting against sanctions and war on Iraq opposite the Houses of Parliament for over 2 years.

Flowers laid in Parliament Sq in memory of Iraqi lives 12/04/03

New postcards
See Voices in the Wilderness UK