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'RAF' Fairford - home of the B52s and RAF Welford

pictures of 22 March demo at Fairford and the B52s
letters of support for Fairford Peace Camp
New Peacewatch at Welford - April 2003

These pictures were taken on 22 March 2003 at the national demo at Fairford.

They show the messages of peace brought to the US Air Base from all over the country, despite the massive police presence and attempts to restrict people's right to protest.

They also show the B52s which had returned earlier in the day from bombing raids on Baghdad. The B52s are monitored by the Fairford Peace Camp.

The camp has managed to establish itself at Gate 10, near to where the B52s are located in order to monitor their activity. However, more help is really needed, particularly with people to stay at the camp.

More pictures of the 22 March demo and the Peace Camp

Letters of Support to the Peace Camp

The peacecamp at Gate 10, USAF Fairford was established on March 2nd to: Peacewatch at Gate 10 was established on 2nd March 2003 to:

- peacefully protest by maintaining a round-the-clock watch outside Gate 10
- inform the world about the build- up to and continuance of the bombing campaign.

A couple of weeks back the campers tried, in vain, to get Gate 10 established as a regular mailing address. As far as they are aware, nothing has yet got through and they desperately need a deluge of letters and postcards. You don't have to write much, just hello, and you don't have to give your name if you don't want. For the moment, please don't enclose anything in case it holds things up while they get the analysis squad in. A huge sack of mail every day (or even a little one!) will show how much public support there is for the camp.

Please send your cards to: Brenda, Peacewatch, Gate 10, USAF Fairford, Near Kempsford, Fairford, Gloucestershire GL7.

More information on the Peace Camp and how you can help and the continuing protests at Fairford

A new Peacewatch at Welford - April 2003

The new Peacewatch is just next to the bridleway footbridge over the M4. For the location, see

A military base near Welford north of Newbury in Berkshire is where the deadly bombs are made to supply the 16 B52s based at USAF Fairford in Gloucester. Every morning, lethal weapons convoys join the M4 between junctions 13 and 14 just north of Westbrook village and using 'public roads' make their way via the motorway or the A417 and 419 to
Gate 14 at USAF Fairford.

Two of the crew who started G10 Peacewatch at USAF Fairford have set up a Welford Peacewatch just next to the footbridge on the bridleway over the M4, within sight of the access road to the military base, where the convoys can be observed at a safe distance.

People, visitors and overnight campers are urgently needed. Please bring food, water and camping gear so that you are self sufficient. Visitors are very much needed, whether for an hour or two or a few days. Donations or loans of the following would be extremely useful:

+ water, bottled or containers of tap
+ tarpaulins
+ gas in canisters for camping stoves and lamps
+ torch
+ wind up radio
+ solar or wind up phone charger
+ cooked food like cake or sarnies for the first few days + flags and banners, especially ones
which say Welford Peacewatch

There has been an upsurge in activity at USAF Fairford in recent days, with 10 b52s taking off over the past 24 hours, more than at any time since the bombing started. We urgently need to get this information out to the peace movement in general, so more watchers are always needed.

Peacewatch at Gate 10 was started on 2nd March 2003 by Kate, Nick and Brenda. The two reasons for keeping this round-the-clock watch opposite the centre of the runway at USAF Fairfield are to: - peacefully protest by maintaining a continual presence - inform the world about the build-up to and continuance of the bombing campaign.

Peacewatch at Welford will maintain the spirit and purpose of the G10 Peacewatch. The police have visited the site this morning, and to date reports are 'all is cool'.

Do take care with parking in Westbrook village or surrounding area, and make sure you don't block gates or drives, and stay quiet and respectful.

Phone 07932 628 269 for updates, directions and more information.

If you want your details added to the Fairford Peacewatch supporters list, email: fairfordpeacewatch@blueyonder.co.uk.

See you at Welford Peacewatch !!



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