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ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War) invites you to organise a die-in in your high street this Friday, 21 February 2003, at 1pm. Please wear black clothes. The suggested form of this die-in is that it doesn’t involve risking arrest. If you get up/move when the police ask you, then you shouldn’t be arrested (though there are no guarantees). The police are under an obligation to warn you before arresting you.

Handy check list of things you could do to make the die-in a success:
1) Call your friends and family and ask them to take part, and to tell their friends.
2) Make posters and leaflets, and stick them up around town.
3) Call the local paper, the local radio station and the local television station, and tell them about it.
4) Call the local police to inform them it’s happening.
5) Invite your local MP, local councillors and local religious leaders to join in.
6) Register your action on and Friday 21 February Assemble in the High Street, 1pm. Die-in, 1.20pm - lie down on the pavement/road until asked to move by the police.

Announce what you’re going to do next/when your group is going to meet next, 1.45.

Don't forget:
1) If you do an action, please do report it on and .
2) You can invite people to sign the Pledge of Resistance on .

There are thousands of people furious and frustrated and looking for some way to express their anger at this senseless drive to war. By organising actions, you can help turn their fury into effective political pressure.

The best of luck to you in all your work.

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